Hi. My name is David Price (Davey). I am a highly skilled, enterprise level Web Architect, Software Developer and Product Manager, with over 15 years experience building high performance online business solutions. I am efficient, organised and communicative, and have a track record of building happy and effective teams that reflect these traits. Above all things, I am passionate about technology and the ways in which it enables people to connect to the things they love.

I have friends that make beer, and friends that blog about food, and know how to leverage these contacts (and others) for cross promotion. I am also active on social networks, and can integrate this content effectively into sites.

I am also passionate about beer. I enjoy talking about it and drinking it, preferably at the same time.

I am excited about finding a new challenge in the technology sector, with a company who I respect and admire.

Key Skills


Team Management & Development, Recruitment, Resource Allocation, Budgeting

Architecture & Design

MVC, NTier

Lifecycle Management

Agile, Scrum, XP, Waterfall, Pair Programming


SEO, Analytics (New Relic, KISSmetrics, Google Analytics), Payment Gateways (WorldPay, SagePay, PayPal)

Email Marketing

List Management, Rate Analytics, Email Platforms (DoubleClick, MailChimp)

Product Management

Planning, Requirements Specification

Technical Knowledge


C#, VS2015, .Net 4.6

JavaScript & Frameworks

Native, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Require.js, Moment.js, JQuery

Web Services

SignalR, REST, WCF, Ajax

Unit Testing

NUnit, RhinoMocks, Jasmine, Karma

CSS and Design

CSS3, HTML5, Less

Databases & ORM

SQL Server, MySQL, Fluent NHibernate

Content Management Systems


Third Party Integration

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, OAuth

Development Methodologies


Continuous Integration and Source Control

TeamCity, Subversion, Tortoise SVN


2009-Present: Be The Brand Experience  London, UK. Head of Technical Development

Key Achievements
  • Managed the development of a green-field process management system to allow existing client approval processes to be replicated online, improving business efficiency and accountability. The success of this system was significant; bespoke systems that would take months of development and testing could now be produced in a few hours by non-technical staff and perform with a greater degree of reliability. Since the launch, the client acquisition rate at the company has doubled. Companies that are now using the system include TescoBank and Mercedes.
  • Oversaw the design and development of a public facing publication catalogue, handling over 10,000 products, including connectivity to 3rd party payment gateways, and detailed reporting analytics. By leveraging existing products and techniques, we delivered a successful system on time and under budget.
  • Lead the development of an online social management and content strategy application, aimed at providing a centralized system for companies to manage their social business profiles across multiple channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The product is due to launch in September 2015.
  • Introduced an Agile development process that included release planning, forecasting, weekly iterations, client feedback sessions, and automated testing. Although challenging, the benefits quickly became apparent; Product revisions could be released weekly, client feedback integrated earlier and within quantifiable SLAs, and issues were drastically reduced - from an average of 10 to 3 a week.
  • Managed a cross-functional team of talented programmers with highly different skill sets, which required detailed resource allocation awareness, an adaptive management style and clear expectation communication.
  • Lead all developer recruitment and review processes within the company, building the team to twice its starting size during my tenure.
  • Engendered strong professional development among the team by promoting empowerment, capability growth, and nurturing individuality. This commitment to staff growth was highly successful in both retention and promotion rates.
  • Promoted a team culture that valued the analysis and discussion of emerging technologies, in particular their relevance to business, which ensured that all products developed were both highly usable and reflective of the fluid technology market.
  • Was the main supplier representative in many high level client meetings. These meetings would often include many different stakeholders of varied technical background, which required that I exhibit strong communicative and organisational leadership.

2007-2009 : Be The Brand Experience  London, UK. Lead Developer

  • Successfully designed and developed numerous .NET based web projects. These ranged from small system updates to large, client-driven projects (6 month, cross-functional with iterative delivery) and were delivered on time, to spec and with positive client receipt.
  • Introduced numerous new programming methodologies:
    • Model-View-Controller architecture concepts
    • Web service capabilities (WCF and REST)
    • Object Relational Mapping data layer management using NHibernate
    • Test Driven Development using NUnit, and mock objects using RhinoMocks
    • Development of in-house JQuery plugins, which enabled a re-usable UI framework.
  • Produced numerous product development innovations, driving key areas of the system forward by creating modern, efficient, robust functionality and architecture.
  • Achieved core product goals including the successful transition of the legacy ASP system into a .NET N-Tier product.

2006-2007: Art Gallery of NSW   Sydney, Australia. Lead Developer

  • Implemented an extensive intranet ticket sales system which connected to a 3rd party payment gateway. The goal of the system was to streamline the ticketing order process, provide quick access to membership information, and provide detailed reporting and financial auditing. Once launched, the system drastically reduced the time staff spent fulfilling a ticket order.
  • Designed and developed new software systems that delivered an email marketing capability to the business, which included the configuration of tracking software to gauge response rates and conversions.
  • Performed extensive refactoring on existing ASP code modules.

2004-2006: Permission Communications   Sydney, Australia. Lead Developer

  • Worked extensively with the third party email marketing platform DoubleClick, compiling detailed campaign analytics such as open rates, click-through and subject line testing. By reviewing and acting upon these metrics, we were able to achieve user engagement rates well above the industry average.
  • Designed and developed a number of online systems which interacted with the DoubleClick API. Using the data leveraged from this resource, we were able to provide more immediate feedback to our clients as to the success of their campaigns.
  • Managed one direct report and managed the training of technical staff in emerging technologies.

2000-2004: Racing & Sports   Canberra, Australia. Developer

  • Designed and developed a number of new applications that enabled a broader communication scope to the company, including automated email, fax, and SMS delivery.
  • Maintained and extended the company website.


1996-2000: Australian National University Bachelor of Information Technology


Nationality & Status Australian with Spousal visa (leave to remain)
Location East London
Age 37

Other things

I have two beautiful kids, enjoy gardening, taking photos, making music and snowboarding. I know in my heart that there are only three star wars movies, at least until December.

If you think I might be a good match for your team, please get in touch.